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Re-Write a draft contract from a existing one changing words so looks diffrent.

Looking for a Business, Accounting, Human Resources & Legal and Writing & Content Freelancer

We want an existing company contract writing with diffrent wording and exctra clauses addeding, the clauses all need to be mixed up and changes from our existing one we have. The new company is Global Gaming Solutions Ltd, T/A GGS where our other company name is Winners Group, or seen on the file as "Winners" all this needs to be changed to "GGS", we need the front page changing also slighly but it doesnt have to be newly re-written. This project needs to be done for 2am UK time, Friday. Wording needs changing when possible, so they dont come accross as the same as long as the out come the same, alos a from cover diffrect to our other one.

Max. Budget: £250.00

Ends in 7 days

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