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I need a ghost writer

Looking for a Writing & Content Freelancer

Despite the challenges of being born with bilateral severe and profound deafness, and brought up by a single French Mum in UK, Singapore and China, I was inspired throughout my extraordinary world journey by outstanding masters and excel in all possible sports you might care to name. I am a qualified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist and Sports Psychologist, and a self taught neuro-nutritonist-mentor-fitness-wellness motivator. I also studied Film making, Design, and Photography. I am a biker, a surfer, a golfer, a weightlifter... and I definitely love life. I am planning a series of seminars and I need a ghost writer to write The Book that tells my story and motivate and transform lives. I have a limited budget right now, as it will be my first attempt to put my success story in writing, video and a film. I am looking for someone with the same hunger to succeed.

Max. Budget: £1,500.00

Ends in 7 days

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