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Write an article about the top UK job websites

Looking for a Writing & Content Freelancer

I require a freelancer to write an article that lists the top UK job websites. I work for a project management training provider and the article will be published on our website and given to our students after they finish their courses. The job websites don’t necessarily need to specialise in project management. The requirements are as follows: - Research conducted to find at least 5 UK job websites. The websites must be UK based and offer jobs related to project management. The jobs can be suitable for candidates of all levels of experience. The websites must be fully active. - An article introduction of 100 words. - A paragraph of 150 words written about each website. This should outline who they are, what they offer, how to use the website and highlight any unique features. Include 2 pro’s and 2 con’s for each website (not included in word count). A conclusion of 200 words should be written that reviews the list, offering suggestions into which sites are the best and what for. - A list of 5 unique, snappy article titles. 1 of which will be chosen to use. Future writing work may be a possibility for the right candidate.

Max. Budget: £8.00

Ends in 7 days

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