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App development to locate drivers

Looking for a Mobile Phones & Computing, Websites, IT & Software, and Local Jobs & Services Freelancer

Hi. I run a company of drivers that deliver vehicles throughout the UK. Once the vehicle is delivered the driver is on public transport to his next collection. Public transport is expensive so often a driver will try to get a lift from another nearby driver. The problem is the driver doesn't always know who is nearby. I am interested in developing an app that drivers can use to locate other nearby drivers and hence get a lift. That's stage one anyway. Stage 2 is to allow customers (car dealers etc) to login and see which drivers are nearby and available to collect a vehicle. Looking for someone (or a company) that are willing to invest in writing the code for a slice of the company, or simply a quote for a web app to complete stage one

Max. Budget: £5,000.00

Ends in 7 days

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