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New subscription website

Looking for a Websites, IT & Software and Design, Media & Architecture Freelancer

I need to have a website put together for me for my new subscription envelope every other month and will need to take debit/credit card payments as well as paypal i got paypal account already. Just need a website that does watt i need it to do say maybe 2 pages . A new every other month subscription envelope of seeds is just launching this month With big saving`s every other month on list retail prices this month April you will say over £15.00 on your April subsscription envelope You Subscription envelope will be sent out every other month total of 6 per year your first subscription envelope of seed`s will start for April and will be sent out at the beginning of April and there after every onther month throughout 2018 your seed`s wiil be sent out at the beginning of every other month in time for you to sow your seed`s you will receive 7 packets of seed evrey other month over 12 months all seeds will be very carefully selected from Thompson & Morgan seed range you will get a mix of seed packets every other month of F1 Hybrid and F2 Hybrid and none Hybrid varieties we will aim to offer F1 Hybrids where possible all of the time The seeds will be carefull selected from Flower`s/Vegatael`s/Herb`s Half Hardy Annual`s/Hardy Annual`s/Annual`s/Hardy Perennial`s/Biennial`s/Half Hardy Perennial`s plus to have New and exclusive varieties to Thompson & Morgan All subscription envelope package`s include FRRE postage for the uk Every other month`s subscriotions must be ordered by the last day of the month for Aprils subscription envelope the last day for ordeing is the 31st of March for June`s subscripton envelope the last order date is 31st of May to be sent out early June All Subscription envelope`s are sent out by royal mail 1st class post Price of the subscription envelope for every other month and package`s One month £12.98p to be paid each month to be set out at the beginning of each month Six months £ 36.00 you are paying for a totla of 3 subscription`s to be paid in on go subscription will be sent out at the beginning of every other month One years`s subscription £ 70.00 you are paying for six subscription`s to be paid in one go subscriptions to be sent out at the beginning of every other month If paying by website you can set up automatic recurring payments for every other month six month`s and for year subscription packages you can place your order in two way`s by going to {website address to go in this space} and you can way with your debit card or credit card or paypal or you can fill in the order form below 7 photos to be added plus to have the text add to each photo as well plus 1 of the total items in the envelope 1.Melon outdoors wonder F1 retail price £4.99p 2.Tomato Shirley F1 retail price £3.99p 3.Cucumber Bella F1 retail price £ 4.49p 4.Petunia Super Cascade Improved F1 Mix retail price £3.99p 5.Busy Lizzie Worldbeater Mixed retail price £ 2.99p 6.African Marigold Vanilla F1 retail price £4.99p 7.Sweet Pea Sugar N Spice Mixed retail price £2.99p PLUS ONE PHOTO OF THE SUBSCRIPTION ENVELOPE WITH ALL ITEMS IN IT PER MONTH For April`s subscription pack you will get 7 packs of seed 1.Melon outdoors wonder F1 5 seed per pack 2.Tomato Shirley F1 15 seeds per pack 3.Cucumber Bella F1 4 seeds per pack 4.Petunia Super Cascade Improved F1 Mix 40 seeds per pack 5.Busy Lizzie Worldbeater Mixed 30 seeds per pack 6.African Marigold Vanilla F1 20 seeds per pack 7.Sweet Pea Sugar N Spice Mixed 25 seeds per pack plus 7 white large labels for writing on for sowed date plus varieties The 7 packets of seed`s you get will be in foiled packets and not in retail packets the foil packets will have all relevant informartion on them plus you will get a how to grow and care sheet`s to cover all 7 varieties plus Pencil and maker pen and Thompson & Morgan 2018 seed/plant Mini catalouge or Leaflet with an exclusive discount code for you when you vist www.thompson-morgan.com

Max. Budget: £750.00

Ends in 6 days

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