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Personal Wordpress / Marketing Assistant with Initiative

Looking for a Design, Media & Architecture Freelancer

Yext: I need someone to help me as a VA (Virtual assistant) to do regular Email campaigns and Social Media marketing. Ideally, I would like the following skills: 1/ Clear headedness, keen organisation and a warm personality .. I prefer ease, effectiveness and grace in my communications with colleagues. 2/ An already demonstrated capacity for organisation and administration. 3/ An already demonstrated capacity for marketing and business. 4/ An already demonstrated capacity for Social Media connectedness. 5/ 4/ An already demonstrated capacity for Wordpress functionality, 6/ A high degree of ON TIME Functionality .. with deadlines for publications etc. 7/ A great command of English language, grammar syntax and creative writing. 8/ A history of getting RESULTS (on time) in your personal nature and work style. 9/ You must be able to cope with some ambiguity in the beginning of this project and be able to function effectively regardless. 10/ Importantly I need and seek a curious and aware soul as my project is totally unusual and bends the usual "Rules" of 'ordinary living' .. so some research and reading will be required for you to be an effective aligned PA. 11/ The willingness and capacity to "Learn-on-the-Job" for skills and functionalities as they arise. 12/ The capacity to outsource (eg to fiverr) for skills you don't have and for logistical support. 11/ The ability (from time to time) to be able to function with fuller autonomy when I am travelling. 13/ The ability and confidence to communicate on the phone (once trained and comfortable) with customers internationally .. in English, mostly in Australia, the USA, The UK and occasionally in other countries. 14/ Other Techie skills as the need arises .. the ability to learn them and stay current. I make vibrational healing products and market them internationally, usually through advertising in magazines. If you are good at what you do, you will have an income that increases steadily, because you will fund your own financial security by increasing my effectiveness. I reward productivity and effectiveness in tangible ways .. Money! Q’s Are you by nature an organised and helpful person in business and in life, even as a child? Are you detail oriented? Do details MATTER to you? Are you Completion and Results oriented? What part of this project most appeals to you?DenisofOz

Max. Budget: £25.00

Ends in 7 days

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