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Python programmer with Django experience to help with existing projects

Looking for a Websites, IT & Software Freelancer

I need someone to help me with one or more of a number of existing projects. The work is likely to be long term. I would prefer someone UK based (especially if they are close enough to me to meet face to face in East Cheshire or Manchester without too much travel) and may be willing to pay to get this. Required skills: ⬤ Able to write good quality Python ⬤ Able to design clean, normalised DB schemas (especially using Django ORM) ⬤ Sufficient experience of Django to make efficient use of the framework to write concise and maintainable code ⬤ Able to use version control (Git, and ideally Mercurial as well) Particularly useful skills: ⬤ Front end experience - Javascript and HTML ⬤ Writing tests Other useful skills: ⬤ Numpy and Scipy ⬤ Machine learning ⬤ Linux, especially Debian derived distro, systems administration These would enable you to help with a wider range of projects.

Max. Budget: £25.00

Ends in 7 days

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