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Looking for a Copywriting and Marketing Freelancer

Looking for a Technology Writer - Freelance / Remote at Prose Media: 
Prose Media is a content marketing startup that crafts high-quality written content — from blog posts and articles to web copy and social media posts — for a wide range of tech brands, primarily B2B.
We’re currently looking for talented technology writers and journalists to join our network as independent contractors (i.e., freelancers) for individual paid projects.
Our tech clients run the gamut in terms of size and focus. On the application form, you'll have the opportunity to specify your own topic specialties -- e.g., B2B / enterprise tech; B2C; cloud computing; big data; electronics / hardware; mobile; telecom; gaming; e-commerce; healthcare tech; ad tech; clean tech; and productivity / BPM.
We’re a small private agency, not an online freelance marketplace, so there’s no need for you to “bid” on gigs. Instead, writers who've been accepted to our network are contacted whenever we feel they’re right for a project. Payment is made on a per-project basis. Rates vary based on the type and length of the assignment.
(Kindly note: As a nascent service looking to build a diverse talent base, we have more writers than we do available work, but we will regularly keep you in mind for suitable projects.)
Writing samples are especially important. Feel free to submit any work that you’re proud of — whether it’s a batch of social media posts, a blog post or article, an outstanding essay or paper, or any other written work that demonstrates your skill.
On the application, you can express interest in one or more industries. You can also indicate the content types you believe you're best suited to write (e.g., social media posts, blog posts, listicles, etc.).
Information Technology, Writing, Content Marketing, Content Creation, Content Writing, Technical Writing
. Compensation:

No Equity

Max. Budget: £4,100.00

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